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Textile Waste Recycling Machine Methods And Meanings
Oct 12, 2017

Textile waste recycling methods and significance, with the improvement of people's living consumption level, the use of textiles is getting shorter and shorter, recycling, processing and use of waste textiles has come to the point where it can not be ignored. Recycling of waste textiles is a resource-rich, Textile Waste Recycling Machine less investment and significant benefits of emerging industries, Textile Waste Recycling Machine it can not only alleviate the shortage of textile industry, the status quo, and can reduce the environmental pollution caused by textiles, with great economic benefits and social Efficiency, benefit the country and the people.

The so-called waste textiles mainly refers to the production process in the foot of the short fiber, waste yarn, silk, scrap, etc., as well as the old textile and clothing and its products. Waste textiles mainly from two aspects: First, from the production enterprises, enterprises in the spinning, weaving and finished product production and processing of the process will produce foot short fiber, waste yarn, silk, Textile Waste Recycling Machine waste cloth and so on. On the other hand is from the daily life of abandoned textiles, such as old clothes, bedding, towels, carpets and so on. The recycling and classification of used textiles is particularly important for the reuse of used textiles.

The physical recovery is a mechanically assisted decomposition or pulverizing of the textile without destroying the chemical structure of the polymer without altering its composition by processing, sorting, purifying, drying, adding the necessary adjuvant for processing, and then reusing it for the fabric The production. Physical recovery is commonly used for single-component natural fibers or synthetic fibers, Textile Waste Recycling Machine such as the recovery of waste wool fibers and the recovery of polyester fibers. But for the blended fiber, because the classification is more difficult, making its applicability is relatively poor. Physical recycling technology requirements, classification difficulties, pre-treatment applications of the machine equipment, high cost, recycling process complex.

Chemical recycling is the chemical treatment of waste textiles, natural fiber or chemical fiber waste materials in the polymer polymer depolymerization and re-polymerization of spinning, Textile Waste Recycling Machine get monomer, and then use these monomers to create new fibers. Chemical recovery is not applicable to natural fibers. Because the composition of natural fibers is complex, almost can not be classified and recovered. For synthetic fibers, chemical recovery can be used, but the chemical recovery process is quite complex, and to add a lot of chemical solvents and chemical substances, making the corresponding increase in recovery costs and difficult to apply.

Energy recovery is the waste of textiles in the higher calorific value of chemical fiber through incineration into heat, for thermal power generation, Textile Waste Recycling Machine for those who can not be recycled waste textile suitable for this method.

With the shortage of raw materials and the need to protect the environment, the recycling of waste textiles more and more attention. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, with the recycling of waste textiles and other supporting the level of manufacturing equipment is also increasing, recyclable waste textile types are also increasing.

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