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Filling Machine Cooled To Room Temperature
Sep 29, 2017

Today, the majority of fruit juice drinks in the liquid, orange juice in the consumer acceptance rate is high, several other important tastes such as apples, grapes also occupy a large proportion of fruit juice drinks taste is also diversified development trend, The market of dairy drinks, Filling Machine carbonated drinks, pure water and the momentum of the tea drinks have not become a strong contender for fruit juice drinks, so that the development of fruit juice drinks are full of ups and downs, the filling machine also made a great test, fruit juice drinks Diversified development is also reflected in the filling, concentration differences, etc., Filling Machine the market filling machine on the acidic bottles and cartons of fruit juice filling the main way is divided into aseptic cold filling and hot filling two ways, many Consumers are more curious about these two forms of development, the following comparison of its comparison:

Cold filling is the product of ultra-high temperature sterilization after cooling to room temperature, in the artificial production of sterile environment, Filling Machine filling with hydrogen peroxide sterilization after the bottle or carton, the cap is also hydrogen peroxide sterilization tight. Cold filling on the product taste, nutritional quality less impact, PET material is also less, but the equipment investment relative to the hot filling to about 1 times.

Hot filling is the product after high temperature sterilization to 90 degrees or so filling the temperature of the bottle, spin the cover, with the material itself, Filling Machine the temperature of the bottle and cover the final sterilization. This product to maintain a high temperature state longer, its taste, nutrition caused by more damage.

Sterile cold filling is the concentration of fruit juice, jam after sterilization and cooling into the 220-liter vat, the shelf life of more than a year. Hot irrigation is the use of 18 liters of iron barrels, 85 to 90 of the material poured into the inside, but also with the material on the barrel sterilization, and then in the cooling, relatively speaking, this process of product nutrient damage larger, Filling Machine low production efficiency, Time-consuming costs, most have been eliminated.

Sterile cold filling only UHT ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, the material heat treatment time of not more than 30 seconds; and hot filling the use of sterilization methods for a long time in the high temperature of the material, seriously affecting the product taste, Filling Machine color and heat-sensitive nutrients (Such as vitamins) content. In general, Filling Machine aseptic cold filling is better than hot filling, general milk, bottled water, Huiyuan and other paper boxed pure fruit juice drinks are basically cold filling. PET bottles are relatively hard, thick unified orange and more delicious citrus fruit orange and so on is generally hot filling, Filling Machine roof package is also part of the hot filling.

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