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Comforter Machine The Correct Use Of
Oct 10, 2017

The quilt is made of cotton quilt, quilt is usually made of quilt cover or quilt, cotton quilt machine is used to sew cotton quilt quilt. His machine is called a quilt.


Household quilt machine

Household quilt is a kind of bedding, its area is sufficient to cover human body, more is a rectangle, commonly use as sleeping time stay warm. Quilts are usually made of quilts or quilts, which are used as household quilts and are referred to as "computer quilting machines."

Insulated quilt machine

The insulation quilt is generally used for automobile insulation, vegetable heat preservation, frozen food preservation and so on. This quilt of production machine is becoming an insulated quilt machine, also known as insulation quilt sewing machine

Large shed quilt machine

The shed was used as a quilt for the insulation of the greenhouse. Ideal heat preservation should have the heat transfer coefficient, good heat preservation, moderate weight, easy to roll, wind resistance, good water proof, long service life. In order to produce this kind of insulation, after years of efforts, the production of a kind of quilting machine that specialized in producing a large shed quilt, also known as the big shed quilt machine.

Greenhouse quilt machine after purchase to use must first do is read the instructions, to know the correct way of using the equipment and maintenance method, and have a look at the matters needing attention, and then can be put into production, of course, that is too general, the following will tell you the detailed steps and needs to be done.

Control of production operation

When onlay color printing in front of the quilt is thin and has curly cases, the speed of the machine do not drive too fast, in a quilt and corrugated quilt plate, around them relative to the location of the alignment, lest appear because the quilt positioning bias error, is not allowed to produce transverse onlay, in order to ensure that the quilt and corrugated quilt board onlay location accurate, machine production speed should be controlled according to the characteristics of the surface the quilt is reasonable; When filling the quilt, the surface quilt should be aligned with the relative position of the corrugated cotton quilt. The travel of upper and lower chains must be accurate; Upper and lower cotton quilt after the alignment, the cotton quilt of the stack is fixed with a fixed position.

[sending quilt and positioning mechanism]

Improper adjustment or maintenance machines, also easy to cause surface quilts and corrugated quilt board onlay appear error ills, the main reasons are: send quilt institutions have loose phenomenon, the upper and lower chain work with inconsistent or unstable; In the upper and lower chains, the front regulation appears to loosen, causing the cotton quilt to impact on the quilt; The contact position of the cotton quilt is not suitable or the gap is too large, and it does not slow down the inertia force of the cotton plate. Upper and lower pressure roller for not often clean and accumulated a certain amount of adhesive solution, block the quilt quilt and corrugated board of synchronous rolling transport, so, the chain of the machine should be cleaned up timely, cleaning, and maintain good lubrication; The corresponding measures should be taken to deal with the loose rules. Adjust the position of the steel plate to keep the friction with the quilt, prevent the cotton from being too fast and advance; Remove the glue or dirt on the roller.

Proper use and maintenance of machine

Automatic wrapping machine of high precision, this is the reliable guarantee of improve production efficiency and quality, so at ordinary times should pay attention to do a good job in the correct use and maintenance of machine this is to prevent abnormal wear and damage an important part of the machine, after the new machine purchase, if because of the limitation of technical conditions of factory can't training for production operators, equipment suppliers should be invited to send technical personnel on-site training equipment operators, ensure the machine after purchase to get the correct use and normal play, the equipment used at first period, the machine production speed don't drive too fast, generally around 3000 copies per hour, in the process of trial production equipment, to pay attention to by "view, smell, touch and other methods to check whether the machine keep the normal state. View: it is to pay attention to the work state of the machine concerned parts, whether the action is abnormal; Smell: it is to listen to whether the machine has abnormal sound; Touch: is the machine just run a period of time, timely stop to touch some of the axis of rotation machine, gear rotating parts, such as whether a significant temperature rise, resulting in abnormal hot feeling, if discovery is not normal phenomenon, should immediately stop for inspection, found that the problem timely processing, machine in use process, must strictly operate according to the requirement of the equipment specifications.

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