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Comforter Machine Economic Development
Sep 29, 2017

Introduction of quilts. Quilts machinery is a collectively, that is, Comforter Machine to do the quilts of machinery, which includes a variety of machinery, such as playing flower machine, carding machine, card machine, shop machine, feeding machine, etc. can be called quilts machinery,

At present, advanced cotton equipment is automatic feeding machine, Comforter Machine carding machine, laying machine this set of pipeline equipment, automated production, not only can greatly improve production efficiency, but also to ensure safe production. Will be opened after the lint into the cotton feeder can be set, the need to set the size of the quilts, you can shop in the network stack stacked quilts, Comforter Machine and fully automated production, a person can easily produce The

Introduction of quilts. There is a single flower machine, carding machine and other stand-alone equipment, small footprint, simple operation, a molding, but out of the product tires poor quality,Comforter Machine softness and permeability is not strong, suitable for small stores family operations, and production Low efficiency, can not set the size and weight of the need for cotton tires, not suitable for mass production.

With the development of market economy, Comforter Machine the market competition is more and more intense, and labor costs become more and more expensive, how to reduce the cost of business is the problem every business is thinking, the same for the quilts processing enterprises, they consider advanced The processing of quilts machinery is what, how can save labor costs.

Paving machine cotton quilts production line equipment is the current processing of quilts machinery, and product quality is good, with automatic into the cotton, Comforter Machine even combing, one-time forming the assembly line production, improve production efficiency for enterprises to create more profit margins.

 As a production line equipment, it consists of open, automatic feeding, efficient combing, shop cotton tires, shop gauze, automatic positive and negative kneading, automatic quilt cover and other major components. The first is lint open machine, covers an area of small, can move, Comforter Machine but also has the advantages of simple operation and high yield, open lint fluffy, suitable for a variety of models of carding.

  Quilts production line equipment The next procedure to enter the automatic feeding and combing part. After the opening of the lint by automatic feeding machine, Comforter Machine the cotton into the fan suction part of the high-speed fan inhalation of cotton automatically adjust the cotton box, so the cotton into the comb part of the uniform. In the combing part, Comforter Machine we are equipped with Qingdao card machine, the current advanced carding machine, combing out the high degree of cotton, feel and fluffy, is to do cotton is the quality of cotton, by the market customers love.

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