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Automatic Down Filling Machine Easy And Convenient
Sep 29, 2017

Liquid automatic filling machine products in the use of operation, precision error, installed capacity adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and more simple and convenient. Automatic Down Filling Machine Widely used in daily chemical, oil and other industries, can be different high-viscosity fluid filling. Machine design compact and reasonable, simple and beautiful appearance, easy to adjust the filling volume.

1, the filling machine cylinder, chassis, Automatic Down Filling Machine hopper are made of stainless steel, piston made of PTFE material, pneumatic parts are imported pneumatic components, in line with GMP requirements.

2, liquid filling machine filling capacity and filling speed can be adjusted, foot switch and automatic filling function, high precision, simple structure, easy to operate.

1, finishing electric control box lines, Automatic Down Filling Machine cleaning the electronic control box inside the pharmaceutical.

2, check the liquid automatic filling machine electrical components of the contact and thread contact is good, and the ground wire is good to achieve no leakage phenomenon.

3, check the motor bearing is abnormal, determine the insulation of the motor.

4, check the operating mechanism is flexible, Automatic Down Filling Machine scissors and bushings are serious wear and tear fasteners.

5, the liquid automatic filling machine to adjust the liquid level: the first class before filling the liquid level on the box after the liquid level put the liquid level into the original height position (position can not change), open the feed the total valve Should basically keep each class in the same position on the valve). The lowest level of the tank should not be lower than the feed inlet in the bin and can meet the bulk filling. If you want to increase the tank level, you need to upgrade the probe to the appropriate height. Automatic Down Filling Machine You can also adjust the pressure of the level controller. Automatic Down Filling Machine Before the get off work must be closed liquid automatic filling machine feed the total valve.

Filling machinery industry is walking in the gradual development of the road, the growing variety of machinery, a liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, Automatic Down Filling Machine particle filling machine, etc., to meet the needs of different types of customers, Automatic Down Filling Machine and some equipment can also be based on Customers tailored to different needs, completely broke the previous blindly imitate the pattern of foreign products.

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