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Structural features automatic roll plate blister packaging machine
Dec 31, 2015

Roller plate blister packaging machine automatically summarizes the strengths of the drum-type peace plate packaging machine, the choice of a flat-panel mold, tightening empty

Gas forming such uniform thickness forming blisters, it consolidates, suitable for a variety of pharmaceutical packaging. Roll plate continuous seal station PVc

Sheet and foil to the sealing of the touch line, a lower pressure can be used to achieve the desired seal cooperation. There are high-speed typing jobs

Punch (cracking line) and without lateral edge punching scrap organizations. Thus, the roller plate blister packaging machine with high efficiency, save packaging material

Material, good quality and other characteristics of the blister.

DPT220 type roller plate blister packaging machine. The whole organization is sending plastic, heat some, forming some, stepping organization,

Filling stations, feeding machine, sealing some, typing, pressing some cracking lines, punching organizations, lidding organizational pneumatic system, cooling

System, electric control system, transmission organization, and a framework and some composition.

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