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Material feeding automatic packaging machines
Dec 31, 2015

Material feeding device is packaged in accordance with the technical requirements and automatic packaging machines work rhythm, harmony packaging materials, packaging materials, containers and packaging and other auxiliary equipment gradually to book orientation, which determines all the production power and automation equipment serious relationship and packaging operations capabilities and product quality.

Because the material is to be packed blocks, bulk pellets, liquid materials, powder materials and other kinds of shape, therefore, the corresponding material feeding devices are also varieties complicated.

First, the bulk material feeding equipment

Bulk material feeding device for large, medium-sized feeding bulk items, such as candy, bar soap and tobacco and so on. Lumps may block feeding sheets, and can be set by multiple feeding. Fundamental job requirement is sent to the proper manipulation of objects road, placed between

Distance, position and speed. Common lump feeding equipment chain belt, push plate and turntable, etc.

1. Chain belt chain belt feeding device feeding apparatus comprising first rack, sprockets, conveyor belt, pusher (or pallets), rails, countertops and other components. Tuitou (or pallets) and links (or chain sheet) hinged together, in the process by virtue of the passage of the rail orientation, when pusher (or care Mao to the end, the article from the shackles and continuing around the chain oath wool cap bulk materials placed chain belt, chain belt movement by the pusher push to move forward.

When the article is wide, it can be used in parallel duplexes emperor, in order to ensure transmission object without departing from the centerline.

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