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China's packaging machinery industry profiles
Dec 31, 2015

Before 30 years after the founding of new China, China's packaging machinery industry is slow to start properly. 1956 Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Factory production of cigarette packets installed is China's first production of the packaging machine 020 1960 China produced a wine, beer filling machine, in the late 1970s and gradually developed a vacuum packaging machines, strapping, filling a bag forming a sealing machine, candy packaging machine and seamer

Etc., but also did not constitute packaging machinery industrial systems.

In the 1980s, followed by foreign trade continues to expand, packaging increasingly high demand for commodities, packaging machine starch urgent demand for packaging end of mechanization and automation. To promote packaging machinery industry quickly expanded, China has established a number of regulatory agencies and professional organizations. December 1980 established the China Packaging Association of skills, in April 1981 established the China Packaging Association, Packaging Machinery Skills Committee in 1989 to establish a Chinese food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association.

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