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Aseptic flexible packaging machine
Dec 31, 2015

one. Operating Principle

Expand pre-traction roll film, and print production date after entering the bathhouse were bound to hydrogen peroxide disinfection dipping time, the appearance of most of the film was scraped off the blade of hydrogen peroxide after leaving the bath, and then by the appearance of sterile hot air drying, end of sterile packaging materials. Molding equipment into the area through the filling, after filling and sealing equipment sealing done by the end of the merger is to intercept products.

Sterile room full of sterile hot air, and adhere to a certain positive pressure, in order to avoid the outside air is mixed. Bag forming, bag, filling, sealing all end in sterile room to ensure that the output of sterile goods.

two. Equipment constitute

The machine consists of both the host and slave unit most. Host by the system for film, membrane sterilization system, traction bag system, cutting control system, sterile hot air system, piping systems, electrical control system, products like conveyor; auxiliary machinery including CIP cleaning equipment and hydrogen peroxide cycle system .

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